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Welcome to the AVID program information page!

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Our first reminder is : Don't forget to purchase school supplies and customize binders!

We know having the right tools makes any job easier and more successful.  We have several students that need help getting some basic school supplies. If your family can help, the following supplies are greatly appreciated.  You can send donations to either directly to your child’s AVID teacher or to Brandy Griswell.  We appreciate any and all of your support!

  • Hole punch

  • Index cards- any size, any color

  • Post it notes

  • Highlighters

  • Colored pens

  • Page protectors

  • Graph paper

  • Post it flags


We are up and running for our T-Shirt voting! Thank you to all who have submitted their awesome design ideas! You have until 11/13/23 to submit your TOP 3 design choices.

The shirt with the most votes will be our 2023-24 AVID T-shirt Design WINNER 😊


Click the link below to complete the form and submit your vote:


Brandy Griswell.jpg

Brandy Griswell


Brandy found her gifts in the ashes of failure.  She started college at 16 years old, but it was not the head start it should have been.   She struggled to find her place and how to use her gifts.  Her Bachelor’s degree was attained after a multitude of failures and 19 long years.  She also learned by watching each of her three daughters find their individual paths to success.  She discovered that with her unique experiences and heart to serve, that she could demystify success for all in college and the workforce in today.  

She began teaching with her Bachelor’s in Exceptional Student Education, but knowing the power of reading, she immediately sought her Master’s degree in literacy.  She has served children at elementary, middle, and high school grade levels. She
bolstered students that were at, below and above grade level. She has impacted children from a wide array of backgrounds, ethnicities, financial statuses and levels of parental support. In spite of many factors that justified failure, her students found abundant success.  This success oftentimes spread to siblings and sometimes even parents, altering whole family trajectories for future generations. 

Her work has helped thousands of students learn and practice skills that breed lifelong success for competition in a global society.  Teachers she partners with are energized by their student’s success and find more joy in the art of teaching and learning.   She uses her Educational Leadership certification to serve schools by shaping programs and whole school cultures that allow each student access and support in rigorous curriculums that build determination, self-discovery, and grit.


Sarah Mullins  - Grade 10 Elective Teacher


Sarah’s background and passion for history and discovery has propelled her into fascinating and unique opportunities. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in History with a focus in archaeology, she participated in the 2019 Cyprus Prastio-Mesorotsos Archaeological Expedition. She also commissioned into the US Army as an officer that same year. Since graduation, Sarah participated in multiple expeditions and travels with different groups to enhance the understanding of the global society and knowledge of the world’s past in order to enhance her career in education. 


Sarah is motivated and passionate about bringing excitement and adventure to learning and teaching students to think outside the box and create a better understanding of the world around them. She looks forward to bringing this excitement and passion to the Avid program.


Brittany Scardino - Grade 9 Elective Teacher


Brittany is what we in the AVID world call an “AVID Baby!” She was part of the very first AVID program at Johnson Middle School when she was in 7th grade. She loved AVID so much that she continued with the program all through middle and high school. She is so thankful to have gotten to experience all that AVID had to offer. The life skills, strategies, and organizational techniques (to mention a few) led her to study and graduate from the University of North Florida where she received her K-12 Physical Education degree. Within her first few years of teaching, she decided to also obtain her Masters’ Degree in Educational Leadership. Her career path following her degree ranged from teaching P.E., to Algebra, to becoming the Dean of Students, and Athletic Director. She was able to climb her career ladder through the use of goal setting, individual drive and determination, and perseverance. Brittany is so excited for this next journey of going back to her AVID roots and passing on all of the knowledge and skills she learned, to the leaders of tomorrow!


Lawrence Mazza  - Grade 7 & 8 Elective Teacher


Lawrence is thrilled to be a pioneer of Odyssey’s AVID program! With his degree in the English Language and Writing, his main passion lies in Literature. He hopes to ignite a love for reading and writing in his  AVID students, as well as anyone who is willing to listen. Join us on this journey through academia!

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