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Welcome to our schools.  Thank you for bestowing upon us the honor of educating and working with the most precious resource our planet holds – your beautiful child. 

The mission of our schools is to help students reach their full and unique potential while developing and finding their passions in life, all within a holistic education framework.  Our programs are carefully selected to truly educate our students with the highest standards of academic achievement. Whether your child is in one of our Montessori early childhood classrooms or conducting STEM field studies in middle school, or computer programming in high school, our goal is always to provide rigor within safe and nurturing learning environments.

We know that when students know the level of our caring and when we form honest and respectful connections with them, trust is developed and our students blossom. 


Odyssey family, we count on your full support as partners in your child's education. Learning must occur both at school and at home. Together, as one team, we will provide the very best education for your child.  Welcome again to our Odyssey family.  Let’s agree to give our children their best year yet!

In Service of the Child,


Ms. Constance Ortiz

Ms. Constance Ortiz

Odyssey School Founder

CEO, Green Apple School Management


I am deeply honored to join the Odyssey Charter School Family and support its mission to work in partnership with family and community to help each and every student reach their full potential. I have been an educator for 30+ years; most recently serving as High School Principal at a College Prep Charter school in Miami Shores. I have worked at all levels of K-12 education as a teacher and administrator, and also provide instruction to graduate educators as an adjunct professor.


During the final weeks of the 2021-2022 school year, I look forward to supporting the Odyssey Charter School Community as they celebrate this year’s accomplishments, complete essential activities, and plan for next year. I believe in lifelong learning and plan to learn much about the unique community that is Odyssey Charter. Supporting students and teachers is the most important job of a principal. I will work diligently to fulfill that role.


On a personal note, my wife and I are proud to have made Brevard County our home. We look forward to building relationships and learning all that makes this area a special place to live.

I look forward to getting to know the students, staff, and community members of Odyssey Charter.




Mr. Mike Davis

Mr. Mike Davis

Odyssey Charter School Jr./Sr. Principal

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